Created by: ICEE CHILL

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  1. Mah Brown-Brown: *blows you a kiss*
  2. Anime: Yer a really f---in awesome sis.
  3. Sawnik_x: I'm waaaay sexier than you. Remember that. B)
  4. The Geek: You're just........ You. XD Dude, you're like really awesome and stuff and thanks for letting me buy some of your magic. :P
  5. Omega_wolf: HoNk :o)
  6. happypuppy: YER AWESOME
  7. Keturah: GURRRRL WAZZUP?
  8. Kish: 83
  9. Sim: *takes your kitkats* :P
  10. Okay, I'm sorry if I forgot anyone. It's hard to make a shoutout quiz with a derp brain like mine. Just remember that I love all of you. :D

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