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  • Your Result: Early Bird 100%

    You are an early bird. As the day wheres on, you where out. Good news: the early bird cheatches the worm. Bad news: who wants a worm?

    This is true! I am an early bird 100%, and I love it! I just started (with a little help from my alarm)getting up at 6:00am every morning, and I like it SO much better than sleeping in. If your a night owl, lets start getting up early! It will not be as hard as you think, after all, I used to be a night owl myself, so I know.

    Lets go early birds! We need more of them!
    Also, sorry if any spelling errors.

  • Your Result: Night Owl 100%

    You are a night owl. You light up as the sky gets dark. Come morning, you are dead to the world. It's a vampire kind of thing.

    wow! 100%!! I knew I am a night owl...! :)

  • 74% early bird

  • 91% night owl B)


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