How tired are you?

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Sleep is a beautiful thing. It allows us the reacharge our batteries at the very end of each day. Unfortunately though, some get better sleep than others.

But how tired are YOU? Take this quiz to see if maybe you should consider taking a small nap. Have fun with this quiz of course. I'm being 100% honest here when I say I have no clue how accurate this is.

Created by: ICEE CHILL
  1. How long have you been awake?
  2. Have you been hallucinating at all?
  3. Have you been hearing nonexistent noises?
  4. Do your eyelids feel heavy at all?
  5. Have you been awake for multiple days in a row?
  6. How much sleep did you get when you last slept?
  7. Do you feel like you can focus for a while on what someone is saying to you?
  8. How is your vision right now?
  9. Assuming you've been up for a little while while taking this test, have you been making any silly mistakes you normally wouldn't make? (Example: Putting a gallon of milk on top of the fridge rather than in the fridge.)
  10. Do you just feel like not doing anything in general? (Not from laziness.)

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Quiz topic: How tired am I?