a day with one direction

this is my first and im tired and i just got my self esteem up so dont put me down, if it was bad say it nicely. oh and have a better night than the night im having now

why am i up so late. i dont have school but im so friggin tried i could go to sleep in world war 2, and three, and the reveloution, you can skip this just this once, im too tired to say important crap

Created by: scolionophobia

  1. you sit in the car in silence with all eyes are looking out the window. it wasnt the bad kind of silence. it was the *i cant believe im about to to this* silence
  2. you sit there smiling to yourself. you, your bff alison (ally),jasmine(jazzy),and emma (emma)all got free tickets to see one direction
  3. finally you relax because you know you are almost there becuse you hear screaming girls every where.you stop as they pull up to a buildong about the size of your whole block and you hesitantly get out the car,scared of getting run over by the fangirls. yiu turn around and see one direction getting out of a huge limo about a block away and they all are wearing hoodies, sunglasses and a wig. niall's wig is black,harry's is blonde,zayns is red, liam wig isa dirty blonde color and louis wig is blue. you laugh at their disguises but suprisingly fools all the fasngirls as they just sit outside screaming. not even looking the guys way
  4. you open the door and hope the fangirls dont hurt you then one steps on your foot, you shake it off wwhen another one pulls on your hair. you wanna go back to the car,but the car is gone because ally and jazzy went to go park the car when emma went to go get snacks. sow start running pushing girls out the way. you were desperate to get out that car but then you feel like you hit someone. you turn around to say sorry when you see louis
  5. he then walks off,looking surprised, you instantly feel guitly and notice that he dropped a braclet.you pick it up and put it in your pocket,youll return it after the concert
  6. you shrug even though you still feel guilty. and notice that they started to let thr people in so you push your way through the crowd, show the man your friends tickets and he accually lets you save your friends seats (this concert is first come first served) you sat int the second row right infront of one direction and sit quietly untill your friends came. then emma walks in and takes the seat beside you "sorry,it was a long line and ally was being picky" you let it go and then you and emma have an interesting conversation about the powerpuff girls. after you got done talking about how cute bubbles is and how she hates being called cute,jazzy and ally shows up,jazzy sits next to you and ally is on the other side of ally.as soon as ally sat down one direction slowly came out.
  7. you see ally and jazzy has a evil smirk on their face, they wouldnt tell what they had did so you gave them both a tickle attack in middle of the show.then all of a sudden the guys stop singing and staring in your direction (XD) and then harry starts to crack up,followed by louis,followed by niall,then liam.Zayn just has this bad boy smirk. you stop slowly starts to back away from ally who you were currently tickling and you smile at zayn witch makes him smile more.
  8. you look around and notice everybody is staring at you.you look at harry who laugh is wearing pff then he says "sorry on with the show" everyone's eyes turn away from you and look at the stage again as they start to sing up all night
  9. they start to sing what makes you beautiful when they get to the part with all the "na's" zayn says "alright for those lucky ladies who gave us the wonderful laugh, they'll get to come on stage and we will sing to you and you get to meet us after the show. there were no boo's but all of their mouthes were dropped open. all of you jump up except for emma. you have to drag her to the stage.zayn dashes for emma.harry dashes for you, niall goes for ally and liam goes for jazzy and louis goes for another girl in the crowd
  10. they finish the song and you go back to your seats. you see one mean person trying to trip emma and you steer emma around i and you go to the snack bar, buy some popcorn. basicly let it soak in the dust gave it to her. you laughed to yourself as she foolishly took the popcorn and ate it.
  11. the concert ends and the guys walk over to you over excited and harry walks over to you and bows. then he says "hello , my name is harry" then louis walks up, does a back flip while yelling LOUIS!!!" niall waks up and is like "hello,i already know your name, your name is niall, im here to find out your name.' he smiles and steps back. zayn waks up looking at the ground and says "zayn, the name is zayn." then he walks away, liam walks up and is like "sorry, hes kinda the mysterious type,"
  12. after you all introduce yourselves (i guess niall took your name, you got his name) harry takes your hand and leads you somewhere.and after he forces you to close your eyes and about 2 minutes of walking, he stops and you opens your eyes. its their bandroom, where they practice. he sits you down and says "you seem like a musical type, play whatever" you get up and starts at the drums.
  13. you mess around for a while and see harry laughing you stop playing and says "what, try to top that!" harry goes over to the piano and says "ok, if you say so" he starts to play your favorite song. he is singing to.
  14. you look around for a guitar and a microphone (you took singing lessons and guitar lessons when you were 4)you find a guitar and a mic, but no stand. harry had to hold it up. you play your second favorite song. when you are done harry puts the mic down takes the guitar out your hands and sets it down. he stands you up and looks at you in your eyes. he says "_____ that was beautiful and kisses you softly"

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