Which character from my new story are you?

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Okay, I'm writing a new story about five teenage girls who find out that they're "crystal warriors". Crystal warriors are basically people with angel wings who protect earth from monsters.

So which crystal warrior are you? Are you crazy Kiki, calm Evany, shy Auri, silly Solstice, or kind Kara? Just answer a few questions to find out. Good luck!

Created by: ICEE CHILL

  1. Why word best describes you?
  2. How would you like to be addressed?
  3. Again, pick what word best describes you.
  4. You do your friend describe you to others?
  5. You find out that you an your friends are magical creatures, with angels wings. What's your reaction?
  6. You also find out that your job is to protect earth from monsters that will attack. Now what's your reaction?
  7. What color wings would you want?
  8. Which boy sounds the best?
  9. Thanks for taking my quiz!
  10. Please rate and comment!!

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Quiz topic: Which character from my new story am I?