The Forgotten (part 1)

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READ THIS: okay, so I've been wanting to write this story for a while now, but I haven't had the time until this week because I'm on spring break. So, I hope you enjoy it, and read the next paragraph too.

This is a story about a girl named Fae, and she's in high school. She thought her life was great until she meets someone who turns her life around, and makes her see things through different eyes. Without further ado, here it is:

Created by: Night_Owl

  1. I can't believe I'm gonna be late! I thought as I rushed down the street to get to school. The wind whipped through my long, and extremely wavy blonde hair. My black book bag thudded against my back as I sprinted to my school. My white boots got muddy when I stepped in a large puddle that appeared from last night's thunderstorm, and it got the bottom of my white dress muddy, but I ran on. My school came into sight, and I sighed in relief when I saw that people were still walking through the doors. I hurried inside and ran into my first period class just as the bell rang. Sighing in relief, I sat down at my desk by the window. "I thought you weren't going to show." A voice said behind me. I turned around and stared into the dark brown eyes of my friend: Hawk. He had tan skin and short black hair and a perfect smile that made most girls melt. "You thought wrong." I told him and he gave me a half smile before I turned back around.
  2. "Get out your homework." Mr. Jackson, my history teacher, said, making my heart skip a beat since I forgot about it. He walked up and down the rows, collecting the assignment, until he reached my desk. "Your homework, Ms. Gardner?" He asked. "I forgot about it." I confessed. "Again? This is the fourth time, Fae." Disappointment flashed across his old wrinkled face. "I know. I'm sorry." I said. "No, I'm sorry." He left it at that and continued on. After collecting the papers, Mr. Jackson walked up to the front of the room and started talking about World War Two. I quickly dozed off, and before I knew it, the bell rang for second period. "You're going to do your homework tonight, right?" Hawk asked me as we walked into the hallway, and I have him a confused look. "What homework?" I asked. "Come on, Fae! You can't be serious, right?" He said as we walked down the hallway. "I am serious. I don't recall anything about homework." Recall? I've never used that word before.
  3. "Of course she didn't. She's too pretty to listen to anyone." Oliver-the biggest flirt in school-walked over and loosely put his arm around my neck. "Oh, shut up," I put his arm off of my neck and then turned my attention to Hawk. "Besides, history is boring. I don't see how I'm suppose to stay awake while learning about World War Two for the thousandth time. I've known about that since elementary school. I don't see why they keep teaching us it." "Maybe because it was a very important event in history?" Hawk replied. "Whatever. Anyways, can you just text me the assignment?" I asked. "I don't think so. You need to learn to stay awake in class." He hesitantly said to me. "Oh come on. Please?" I begged, giving him my best pouty face. "Fine," he finally said, "but just this once." "Thank you." I smiled at him and then turned around and started walking with Oliver to second period: Art. "Nice work back there, Miss Manipulation." Oliver complimented me when he were far enough away from Hawk. "Thanks. I take pride in getting anyone I want to do what I say. It's a gift." I winked at him and entered the art room first. "That it is." Oliver called after me and I sat down at my table.
  4. I was the only one in the class that didn't have someone to sit by, which I enjoyed very much. I looked out of the window and watched the different colored butterflies fly around the newly sprouted flowers. Spring was definitely my favorite season. The bell rang, snapping me out of the butterflies' trance. My Art teacher, Ms. Stratford,-a short and plump brown haired woman-walked in along with a girl, who I assumed was new. She-the girl-had long curly black hair, brown eyes, and what looked like a small star shaped birthmark under her left eye. She was wearing skinny jeans, black boots, a white shirt with a swooping neck, and a black leather jacket. "This is Hollie." Ms. Stratford said and Hollie gave a small wave. "Looks like you're going to have to sit next to someone after all." Oliver turned around and whispered to me. "Shut it." I hissed back, quiet annoyed that someone actually would be sitting next to me. "Why don't you go take the empty seat in the back, next to Fae." Ms. Stratford gestured to where I was seated. "Hi." Hollie shyly said when she sat down. "Hey." I kind of rudely said, but I didn't care. Thankfully, she got the message, and didn't speak another word to me. "Everyone get out your projects that you have been working on for the last week, while I use the bathroom. Charlie's in charge." Ms. Stratford said, and the whole class got up and walked to the back of the room where the art supplies were. I waited in line to get my canvas, and tried to think of what still need to be done. The assignment was to paint a portrait of someone who inspired you, but I asked Ms. Stratford if I could paint something that brought my mind to peace instead of a person, since no one inspired me. she told me that I could and I decided to paint a forest that had a blue-green glow to it to create a mystic look. All I need to add were the butterflies to tie it all together.
  5. As soon as I touched my painting, I could tell that something was wrong. I pulled it out of its slot and was shocked to find that there was a huge black spot right in the center of it. "Who did this?" I yelled, turning my canvas around for the whole class to see. It was dead silent for a good five seconds. "Serves you right for not doing what the assignment was." A boy-Stan-by the far wall called out, and I shot him daggers. "I asked permission to do something different." I calmly said. "But it's not fair," He protested, "you get to be the only one who doesn't have to sit by anyone, and you can get anyone you want to do whatever you want. Some of us are tired of it." "You didn't have to ruin my painting." I snapped. "Yes I did. And you deserved it too." He said and I slowly walked towards him. "This project is worth sixty percent of our grade." I told him as I stood in front of him. "And...?" He asked and I gave him a sweet smile. All of a sudden, I snapped my hand out, grabbed the bucket of navy blue paint, and threw it on his canvas. He was either too shocked, or too smart to speak out. "Next time you decide to lash out at me, think about it very carefully." I said in a threatening voice and then walked back to my easel, grabbing a blank canvas on the way.
  6. Ms. Stratford walked back into the room, and the class slowly started to get noisy. Everyone averted my gaze, and I could sense an awkwardness in the air as they avoided the topic of what-Fae-did-in-art. I sighed and started painting my forest again. I was five minutes into it before Hollie came towards me. "That's really good." She complemented, even though I had only done one tree. "Thanks." I said. "Can I talk to you privately?" She asked me. "Why?" I have her a confused look, and stopped painting. "There's something important that I need to tell you." Hollie replied. "You've known me for ten minutes. We're not friends, so tell your problems to someone else." I harshly said, but she didn't bat an eye. "Please?" She begged. "Fine," I sighed, "but I'm only agreeing to this so you'll quit bothering me." "Great," she smiled, "meet me in the bathroom in five minutes." She walked to Ms. Stratford, spoke some words, and then left the classroom. "What was that about?" Oliver's voice sounded behind me. "It's nothing." I bluntly said. "You are really not in a good mood today, are you?" He chuckled and walked away.
  7. I set down my paint tools and then asked permission to go to the bathroom. I was allowed and I walked down the silent hallway to the bathroom. It was a fairly new bathroom that had a floor length mirror on the far wall, and automatic everything (well, except for the doors). Hollie was leaning against the wall next to the mirror. "What did you want to tell me?" I asked. "Well, I don't really know how to explain it," Hollie started, "but you're not really you." "What the heck does that mean?" I asked. "I mean that you're you, but there's another part of you that's the real you." She tried to explain. "You're not making any sense." I told her and she sighed. "I know this is confusing, but you just have to trust me. You're one of the ones that have been forgotten, which makes you change forms, and as a result, you don't remember who you are, but there's a way to get you to remember." Hollie said. "Okay, crazy pants, you're not making any sense, and it's kind of freaking me out, so I'm just gonna go." I said and started walking out of the bathroom. "I'm not crazy! I'm telling the truth!" She called after me, but I continued to walk back to the art class.
  8. Okay, that's all.
  9. It would mean a lot to me if you told me what you thought in the comments.
  10. Bye.

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