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    KaitTheCat Junior
    1.) I'm around 5'6/5'7. I can't tell which. :V

    2.) My favourite colour. Blue, and every shade of it.

    3.) I'm 9

    4.) My favourite food.. I dunno, really. Probably any type of pasta

    5.) Uh, probably a lizard.

    6.) Ew, neither.

    7.) My biggest hobby is writing/reading. I'm a total dork for that stuff.

    8.) no

    9.) 42

    10.) I don't have one, but I like Batman a little.

    11.) I have light brown eyes.

    12.) My natural hair colour is dark brown, but it's dyed now. It was all purple, but it died down, so it's like dark brown w/ purple tips. -still pretty tho-

    13.) The Women In Black

    14.) I can dance! I love doing contemporary though..

    15.) I love singing, but I'm not all that good xD I can rap really really fast though. Surprisingly enough. ^-^
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    Sphinx Senior
    1How tall are you?
    5'2 I think

    2Favorite color?


    4Favorite food?

    5 favorite animal?

    6 cats or dogs?

    7 hobby?

    8 have you ever done drugs?

    9 favorite movie?
    The Simpsons Movie

    10 favorite comic book character?
    Homer Simpson

    11 eye color?

    12 hair color?

    13 favorite horror film?

    14 can you dance?

    15 can you sing?
    a little bit
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    d_h Advanced
    1How tall are you?
    _ 5'11 or somthing_
    2Favorite color?
    _galaxy/midnight blue_
    4Favorite food?
    _tie between pizza & steak_
    5 favorite animal?
    6 cats or dogs?
    7 hobby?
    _playing games_
    8 have you ever done drugs?
    9 favorite movie?
    _the magnificent 7_
    10 favorite comic book character?
    11 eye color?
    12 hair color?
    _dirty blonde_
    13 favorite horror film?
    14 can you dance?
    15 can you sing?

    _can i?_
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    dannylover321 Senior
    OuO or none of your friends are on.

    1How tall are you?5'6

    2Favorite color? Red

    3Age? 16

    4Favorite food? All

    5 favorite animal? Cats 😍😍

    6 cats or dogs?😍😍😍😍

    7 hobby? Nine.

    8 have you ever done drugs? Yes (legal)

    9 favorite movie? The butterfly effect

    10 favorite comic book character? Jughead

    11 eye color? Brown for the most part

    12 hair color? Black ^

    13 favorite horror film? None

    14 can you dance? No

    15 can you sing? Hell no. Lol
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    1.) 5'3 ;o;

    2.) Black, Red and Green

    3.) I'm immortal, don't ya know?

    4.) Sushi :3

    5.) Wolf

    6.) Cats (=^.^=)

    7.) Reading, Drawing and playing video games :P

    8.) Nope

    9.) Cloud Atlas


    11.) Blue-green, but they alternate between the colors to. Sometimes blue, and sometimes green. Mostly both. :P

    12.) I say brown, my friends say dirty blonde.

    13.) I have so many, but my favorite is Mirrors.

    14.) If you give me choreography, yes. No choreography, I look like a headless chicken

    15.) Other people think I can, but I disagree :'D
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    ICEE CHILL Expert
    1) How tall are you?

    2) Favorite color?

    3) Age?


    4) Favorite food?

    5) favorite animal?
    Dragons if we're counting fictional creatures. If not, then dogs.

    6) cats or dogs?
    Definitely dogs. I've never been a cat person.

    7) hobby?
    Video games or being a weirdo on the internet.

    8) have you ever done drugs?

    9) favorite movie?
    Don't have one.

    10) favorite comic book character?
    Don't have one.

    11) eye color?
    Grey blue, with a small section of brown in one of my eyes.

    12) hair color?
    Light Brown

    13) favorite horror film?
    Don't have one.

    14) can you dance?
    I don't dance, so probably not.

    15) can you sing?
    I don't sing, so probably not.
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    NitroTails12 Advanced
    1 How tall are you?
    2 Favorite color?
    3 Age?
    18 going 19 in less than a month.
    4 Favorite food?
    Peppermint candies.
    5 favorite animal?
    Hm.. Chipmunk.
    6 cats or dogs?
    7 hobby?
    Youtubing, guitar playing, pixel art.
    8 have you ever done drugs?
    No. Unless medicine counts.
    9 favorite movie?
    The Iron Giant.
    10 favorite comic book character?
    Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime.
    11 eye color?
    Light blue
    12 hair color?
    Dark Brown.
    13 favorite horror film?
    14 can you dance?
    15 can you sing?
    When I'm alone.
  • 1 how tall are you
    5"11 1/2
    2 favorite color
    3 age
    4 favorite food
    Shepherd pie
    5 favorite animal
    6 cats or dogs
    7 hobby
    8 have you ever done drugs
    9 favorite movie
    10 favorite comic book character
    11 eye color
    12 hair color
    13 favorite horror film
    Marble hornets always watching
    14 can you dance
    Yes swing dancing
    15 can you sing
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    1 Twilight Fan Experienced
    1.) 4'11 :((
    2.) changes from day to day :P
    3.) Guess :)
    4.) Orange Chicken
    5.) Chinchillas ;-;
    6.) Dogs :))
    7.) Netflix and chill
    8.) nahh man
    9.) Twilight: breaking dawn pt 2
    10.) Batman
    11.) Brown
    12.) Dark brown
    14.) Nope I can drop doe ;)
    15.) I think?

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