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Thread Topic: Undertale

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    IHLAOY Experienced
    Alright, you f---ing casuals, it's time for some real talk. Put down your inferior controllers, turn off your s---ty consoles, shut down your jump scare videogames and educate yourself some taste, right here, right now.

    Undertale is game of the year.

    Yes, it is. Don't give me that look.

    What's that? You, you don't know what Undertale is? You...you've been too busy wanting to f--- robots and playing the Tell-Tale minecraft game to pay attention to the new releases? And you call yourselves gamers.

    Undertale is an...rpg, of sorts. More accurately, it's a bullet hell rpg similar to Earthbound or OFF. You play as a young child trapped in a land of monsters, and must either fight or talk your way to freedom. Combat consists of dodging the enemies attacks which appear as bullets within the combat screen, hence the bullet hell connection. The UI, and the various NPC's that mess with it, play a huge roll in the game itself. (As an example, one character knows that you can save and load the game, and calls you out for abusing this power to win the game.)

    The characters are relatable, real and funny and the story changes drastically depending on the choices you make, to the point where no two playthrough is the same. Each fight is challenging and the bosses will kick your teeth in. Speaking of bosses, every single boss in the game introduces a new mechanic specifically for their fight. Every single one.

    This game is one of the most original, creative, funny and pants s---tingly terrifying game I've played in ages. Buy it, it's only 10 dollars. This is the game of the year and a benchmark that all other games should be measured against. So just do it, buy this game. Prove you aren't casuals.

    Just don't kill everyone though or else you're going to have a bad time.
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    absol heart Senior
    Lol, im surprised you like undertale. But yeah, its a good game. A lot like earthbound in a sense that so many characters have personality and what not.

    But yeah
    Do pacifist run
    Otherwise your gonna regret it
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    Keno Joyous Novice
    I've been too busy praising the sun, shooting down the Rebellion with my Security buddies and reading games (you can do that) to pay much attention but perhaps.
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    zeronightshade Advanced
    I've been surviving a demon apocalypse and exploring the sky with sky pirate friends. No thanks. :P
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    I've been just trolling the s--- out of people with sans.

  • Make a quiz for this game already! Also, Undertale goty? 10/10 It really should be.
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    Woopkip Novice
    Undertale really is awesome, the fanbase can be pretty... psychotic, though. WHO CARES AHAHAHAHA
  • xxemmac Novice
    Undertale is my favorite RPG game and it has the best soundtrack i've ever heard in all the games i've played. XD :3
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    Derpface Experienced
    Undertale 11/10


    im no casual. best thing since fnaf
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    Derpface Experienced
  • DANK MEMES Newbie
    Undertail ( )
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    barberbob2 Senior
    45 attempts at the Sans fight.
    I bought a sea tea and used it when he tried to spare me and was able to beat him in 3. The moral of the story is that gaster blasters are a--holes.
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    SkyKirin Novice
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    lazermazer Novice
    i was stuck up in pc games like agar.io and sliter.io to notic dispite mh friend telling me every day

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