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Keno Joyous
Joined on Jan 17, 2015
Status Level: Advanced

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  • Solving Overpopulation
    "Nuke the sun. Surely we can blow it up, right? ... Right?"
  • Would You Rather?
    "This thread seems to have just a mote of cancer but eh. Sing every song. Having such a flexible vocal range comes with some rat"
  • "Girl."
  • Necrotis Regenum
    "I was too late ;("
  • Necrotis Regenum
    "Could've posted it myself but ok"
  • Undertale
    "I've been too busy praising the sun, shooting down the Rebellion with my Security buddies and reading games (you can do that) to pay much at..."
  • "I agree but I believe the answer to 2 was "Nothing". False but I've seen a riddle similar to such before."
  • I'm heeeeeeeeeeeere
    "Greetings, fair... Wait who the hell are you again?"
  • "Pretty sure linking quizzes only provide temporary bonuses. Not wholly sure, but it would certainly explain the unprecedented amount of "new..."
  • "I saw sperm and decided to intervene. No I'm not gay. I just like the taste of sperm. Radical difference."
  • The Foreseas
    "Odd how many "roleplays" even without plots get joiners. And yet this masterpiece remains barren. Perhaps I shouldn't even try."
  • "I very vaguely recollect roleplaying with you. You weren't very good. Thus far from what little I've had to do with you, you seem somewhat h..."
  • TBH.
  • The Foreseas
  • No Subject
    "Ignore this."

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