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  • "Arguably not. While he has many of Trump's Nationalist views, he's more focused on changing the culture of America than he is protecting it ..."
  • Selling your soul
    "I'd recommend against it. One of the core tenants of Christianity is that no one is too far gone to avoid going to Hell. Still, it's y"
  • "Mike Pence would become president, and America's focus will shift away from illegal immigrants and border security and shift towards more LG..."
  • "Considering that all the Greek Gods were tremendous a--holes, I could see why you relate to them so well."
  • About Christianity
    "I'm serious, have you seen that movie Red October? It'll be like that, only on land. I've got three six packs, and only one is on my chest. ..."
  • About Christianity
    "I'm sorry, Stardust, I'll try to refrain from swearing from now on. I'm an eight foot tall Korean chick, you better watch yours"
  • About Christianity
    "Yea, sure, I have time. If you'll remember your studies, you'll know that Jesus explicitly said that God would stop giving sign"
  • "n-----, you can't drop a story hook like that and not elaborate. You were haunted by a demon? Explain that s---."
  • "From the terrorist's perspective, innocent people are dying because of you. So an eye for an eye seems particularly justified."
  • Feeling numb
    "Hey, that's some nice teenage angst you got there, but if you could just do me a favour and be a drooling retard somewhere else? That'd make..."
  • Plots
    "I get the feeling you don't actually understand anything about Dark Souls."
  • So since I'm a mod
    "As a moderator, I can safely say that I've contacted GTQ guy, the president of the USA, and 1714's mother, and all of them confirm that 1714..."
  • My Day
    "This is terrible. Why did it turn into a screenplay in the last couple of lines? You didn't feel like writing the three additio"
  • What's going on?
    "Congratulations! You...did it."
  • Therianthropy
    "Hi Therian, I'm Dad."

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