What would happen if Trump was impeached?

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Thread Topic: What would happen if Trump was impeached?

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    FluffyEtini Junior
    What do you think will happen?
  • Tsanchan2 Newbie
    Trump cannot be impeached on these charges. Otherwise Bill Clinton would have been impeached for accepting Communist China's money in the 1996 election. Bush would have been impeached for accepting Saudi Arabia money in 2000 and 2004. Obama took Saudi money too. Both the two Parties are trying to harm Trump with their fake investigation. I don't really trust Trump either, maybe he likes this since he now has an excuse to stay in Syria. The goal of the investigation is to keep us in Syria. By the way, if Trump is removed (not likely) then Pence is president and he is twice as conservative as Trump. Pence is more professional than Trump.
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    IHLAOY Advanced
    Mike Pence would become president, and America's focus will shift away from illegal immigrants and border security and shift towards more LGBT, sexuality and religious issues. I would expect mass defunding of things like abortion clinics and homosexuality support groups, as well as a complete halt of any sort of support to queers from the Government. As much as I'd love for Pence to re-institute electroshock therapy for gays, that is just wishful memeing.

    So in short, things would get a little better; so it's still a win in my books.

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