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  • "gl with that man XD"
  • "No such thing as perfection."
  • This
    "Girl- Am I pretty? Boy- No Girl- Do you want to be with me forever? Boy- No Girl- Will you cry if I walk away?"
  • "About time winter break got here. 2015 went by FAST, though. Night owl all night every night!"
  • SCP Containment Breach
    "Dude, get it. If you want a little spook to go with your day, get SCP:CB. I know I had fun on this. Send me your youtube. I'll check it out ..."
  • Undertale
    "Make a quiz for this game already! Also, Undertale goty? 10/10 It really should be."
  • My first quiz
    "a href="[no urls]">Can you relate to me? [url=[no urls]]Can you relate to me?[/url] [no urls]"
  • My first quiz
    "Well, I decided to make my first quiz. You can check it out here! [no urls]"

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