How Much Of A Gamer Are You?

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Hello and welcome! This is my first time making a quiz so please don't take it too seriously! I have no experience making quizzes and I'm really sorry if this isn't to your standers!

Have fun and please don't be mad at your marks, I don't really know how the marking system works and all! So thankyou for clicking on the quiz, have fun and enjoy gamers!

Created by: TropicalKitty

  1. How Much Time Do You Spend Playing Videogames?
  2. Do You Consider Yourself Good At Gaming?
  3. Do You Like Gaming?
  4. How Many Games Have You Beat So Far?
  5. What Game Do You Most Enjoy?
  6. How Well Are You Recognised In The Gaming Community?
  7. How Long Have You Been Playing Videogames?
  8. Are You Addicted To Videogames?
  9. What Sort Of Games Do You Play?
  10. Did You Enjoy And Like The Quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Much Of A Gamer am I?