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In the world we live in there are many types of people the happy, the angry,the annoyed and now thanks to 10 years of consoles - sad gamers this quiz will tell you if you are one

Are the an extremely sad gamer if so step forward into the world of pixels and no life but beware you may not like the result. You still are sad if you take this quiz

Created by: Jim
  1. When was God of war 2 released (Europe)?
  2. In Halo 3 which of these maps is not contained in the 1st Multiplayer DLC?
  3. In Modern warfare 2 what is the character with a skull mask called?
  4. In Assassin's Creed 2 which of these is a destination you cannot travel to?
  5. What is the character you play in Aliens vs Predator? (Dubbed Name)
  6. Alphabetical which of these characters comes first?
  7. Which of these Lego games came out 1st?
  8. How many levels/missions are there in the Toy Story 3 Campaign?
  9. What is the playable women in left for dead 2?
  10. Who narrates the little big planet series?
  11. Which of these isn't a character you can play in Heavy Rain?
  12. Which of these is a genuine GTA IV mission?
  13. What did Mario used to be called before he name got changed?
  14. Which of these isn't a real console?
  15. What year did the 1st Doom get released?
  16. What is Master Chief's Full name? (Master Chief precedes this)
  17. How many cars are in Gran Turismo 5?
  18. Who is a bad guy in Rachet and Clank : Up Your Arsenal
  19. Which of these games is most recent?
  20. Last Question - Which of these games is a ps3 exclusive?

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