Gamers,gaming stores

i dunno this is making me write 150 letters so this is my 150 letters i hate this soo much gaming is good it is fun game more and more cod is good i think

i dunno this is making me write 150 letters so this is my 150 letters i lkjh hgfcd google yahoo uni opopopj p[otor ......... i hate this so much jfjff

Created by: Orge1
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. have you ever spent more than £$300 in a game shop
  2. have you ever heard any of the following games: call of duty Grand theft atuo Halo Killzone
  3. have you ever took a boner in a video game store while looking though the games
  4. have you got over 1000 trophies or over 20,000 gamer score
  5. how many game consoles have you owned
  6. do you play games on
  7. do you spend most your time playing games
  8. Are you addicted to gaming
  9. Do you spend a good ammount of money per month on games,gaming stuff (leads,keyboards,live,psn)
  10. Do you think game addiction is real
  11. Do you think it fair that the News and other people blames video games for being violent when something bad happens like the time someone went into school and shooting people
  12. how many years have you been gaming for
  13. Have you enjoyed this quiz

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