Are You A True Gamer?

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"There are many gamers,but few are true gamers.True gamers is,afterall,quite good at games.What is a true gamer?A true gamer is someone who is good at games,The ability to be the best,and most of all show respect and greatness on the games."

Are you a true gamer?Do you know you are a true gamer or not if so try this quiz to see if you are a true gamer thanks to this quiz you will find out.

Created by: TheStrategyGamer

  1. Do you think you are a true gamer?(Does not effect your score)
  2. Do you play games?
  3. How many games do you play?
  4. How long do you play games?
  5. Are you good with games?
  6. How many games do you know?
  7. Where do you dowload games?
  8. Do you stop trying when you fail?
  9. Are you a hardworker?
  10. Scale 1 to 6 that you are a true gamer!(Does no effect your score)

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