are you a true gamer?

There are many true gamers out there but are you one of them? - im really lazy and dont feel like typing up a whole paragraph so im just going to ramble until i got to the marker.

Take the test to find out if you are a true gamer and know your stuff or if you are not.- im going to do the same thing here because like i said before i dont know what else to say.

Created by: Kody and Jayson

  1. what year was the first Call of Duty released?
  2. which Call of Duty saved the Call of Duty series?
  3. How much money did it cost to make the popular video game GTAV?
  4. what is the famous catchphrase said by Mortal Kombats, Scorpion?
  5. what is John Marston's sons name in the Red Dead Redemption series?
  6. what is the name of the popular building game made by Mojang?
  7. what is the name of the princess the Mario tries to save?
  8. what character is in love with Sonic the Hedgehog?
  9. In the famous Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, what do you become?
  10. What is the famous character Marios' profession?
  11. how fast can Sonic run?
  12. what console is made by Sony?
  13. what console is made by Microsoft?
  14. What company was the creator of the Diablo series?
  15. What company made Red Dead Redemption and the GTA series?
  16. Which Pokemon game came out first in the series?
  17. what was the first Call of Duty to introduce zombies?
  18. Which one of theses Restaurants is not in the GTA series?
  19. What Company released the Wii?
  20. How long did it take for GTAV to be added to PC?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true gamer?