do you know games?

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hey guys. have you ever wondered what kind of gamer you are? these simple questions will determine if your a noob,new, achievement, or true gamer! and there is a loser, not gamer option.

answers may very and in some questions there is more than one right answer but there is a better one. ps halo rulez and screw those jocky call of duty gamers! no offense.

Created by: LimyMage918

  1. what is destiny?
  2. video games were almost destroyed but which company saved it?
  3. what game saved the original xbox?
  4. aue riok domo incanan?
  5. name the game, the cake is a lie
  6. which is more appealing?
  7. which came first?
  8. who is the main character in legend of zelda?
  9. who is the rumored virus/ghost in minecraft?
  10. galaga
  11. choose your systems
  12. so how do you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I know games?