How 'gamer' are you?

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Do you think you have what it takes to be a hardcore gamer? If you do, take this quiz and you shall see, how hard being a gamer can really be. Please read the next part.

This quiz is a very simple yet effective way to see how much of a gamer you really are! I personally think anyone who has a device could become a gamer! What do you think..?

Created by: Randomest
  1. How many hours/minutes of your day do you spend playing video games?
  2. What do you do usually?
  3. Your friend recommended a new game to you, what do you do?
  4. Someone is exploiting your favourite game! How will you stop them?
  5. You and your friends are going camping out in the woods. How will you think about it?
  6. Are you enjoying this quiz?
  7. Roleplay: There is a wolf attacking you! What should you do?
  8. Would you rather... Never see your best friend again or get your favourite game shut down?
  9. Would you rather... Break your tv or your pc/ipad/phone/tablet?
  10. Would you rather... Be poor but have many games to play or be rich in a world with no video games?

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Quiz topic: How 'gamer' am I?