what gamer squad member are you?

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The gamer squad is me, my family, and friends.a lot of us don't play video games, but that's what i named the squad so we're gonna stick with it okay?

Anyway, i made this quiz because i really like making random quizzes nobody will play. enjoy or you will not enjoy any other quizzes you play, i guess

Created by: coolgamer1 of my youtube channel
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  1. what are you?
  2. favorite color?
  3. favorite video game?
  4. You get punished at school?
  5. your role in a fight?
  6. You hear on the news there is a zombie apocolypse
  7. a civil war is happening, and you have to pick a side.
  8. choose a job
  9. select a random stupid sentance

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Quiz topic: What gamer squad member am I?