Very Very Hard Video Game Test! From 2007!

So you want to think if you can become a hard-core gamer? With those Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo consoles jamming up the place, do you want to see if you are talent-gaming worthy? Huh? Huh? Well, now you can! Just read the next paragraph . . .

Are You the gamer we have all been looking for. Are you the best of the best? Are you the cream of the crop. Are you the whole enchilada? Well, are you? If you do good on this quiz, you maybe are! But be warned -- it is very very hard . . .

Created by: Sumesh Sharma
  1. What came first, the monkey or the turtle?
  2. In what stage in Avatar: The Last Airbender (videogame) do you have to play as Haru?
  3. Famous Quote: "Show me your moves!" Quoter?
  4. What game company is known as Controversial Company USA?
  5. What can you do on the Wii that you can't do on either PS3 or XBOX 360?
  6. How many blocks does it take to save an Animal Crossing file on GameCube?
  7. How much does a kiddie clock sell at in Animal Crossing and where can you get it?
  8. What place are you in Sly 2 in the episode called "Jailbreak?"
  9. How many saplings are in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker?
  10. What is mission 11 in Superman 64 called?
  11. What is one game Electronic Arts made on the Amiga 32CD?
  12. What is (according to the most visited game ranking site in the world) the 65th greatest game of all time?
  13. If you did everything right, when you enter the Temple of Time in Twilight Princess, what inventory item do you not have?
  14. How do you get the fourth flag from Mission 2 in Star Fox Assault?

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