SCP Containment Breach

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Thread Topic: SCP Containment Breach

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    Jinx Blackclaw Advanced
    Alright, so I have been looking for a game to play on my latest YouTube video, but I don't know if I should download this game. If you don't know what this game is I'll give you the just of it.

    You are in a containment facility that is controlled by the military and you have to keep an eye on SCP-(enter numbers here). Anyway, if you take your eyes off of this creature, it will kill you. Something ends up going horribly wrong the the monster escapes. Your alone and you have to find this creature and get it contained.

  • Dude, get it. If you want a little spook to go with your day, get SCP:CB. I know I had fun on this. Send me your youtube. I'll check it out :)
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    Jinx Blackclaw Advanced
    Alright! Thank you for your help.

    Here is my channel:

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