What Kind Of Moron Are You?

There Are Many Kinds Of Morons In The World, In Fact, One Could Say We Live In A World Of Morons. But What Defines A Moron? That Is Entirely Dependent On What You Think A Moron Is. But This Test Goes Deeper Than Just Morons.

Well What Kind Of Moron Are You? Do You Want To See What Part Of Society You Fall Into? Well Look No Further. This Will Show You Exactly What Kind Of Moron You Are, Or If You Are Not One At All.

Created by: terryr259

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  1. When Asked A Question On A Personal Subject, Do You__
  2. If Asked To Do Drugs By A Friend, What Is Your Response?
  3. When Determining What Kind Of Music You Like, What Is The Most Important Factor?
  4. Do You Tend To Believe In Conspiracies?
  5. When Asked About Your Day, What Do You Usually Say?
  6. Are You Racist?
  7. Do You Tend To Always Believe What Chain Mail Says?
  8. Do You Hate Homosexuals
  9. Would You Agree To A Kamikaze Mission?
  10. Do You Believe In A God?
  11. Do You Exaggerate Your Misfortunes To Make People Feel Sorry For You?
  12. Do You Dress Provocatively To Get Attention?
  13. Do You Like To Brag About Your Achievements?
  14. Do You Base Your Clothing Selection On What Is Popular At The Time?
  15. Do You Behave Differently Just To Defy Those That Do Not?
  16. When Shopping For Something, What Is The Most Important Factor?
  17. Do You Believe Whatever Is Told You?
  18. Do You Hold Back The Truth In Order To Spare Others' Feelings?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Moron am I?