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  • What Kind Of Moron Are You?
    Your Result: The Leader Of The Morons

    You Are The Kind Of Person To Make Up Some Convoluted Cause In Order To Trick Your Minions Into Serving You. You Probably Are Very Selfish And Manipulative As You Probably Lie To Those You Command Without Hesitation. You Yourself Though, Are Not A Moron. Very Few People Tend To Be Like This. Most Of Them Tend To Be World Leaders, Religious Leaders And Business CEOs.

    76%Not A Moron

    72%The Peasant Moron

    68%The Ignorant Moron

    58%The Moron Whore

    52%The Superficial Moron

    52%The Whining Moron

    30%The Conformist Moron

    Oof_dis Nov 25 '18, 7:02PM
  • I think the person who wrote this quiz is a moron. Therefore I win the quiz.

    FU22 Mar 28 '16, 7:58PM
  • 82% Leader of the Morons. 82% Not a moron. I don't have to listen to the leader of the morons while I command my own army of morons! >:D

    cxxccxxc Feb 12 '16, 9:21AM
  • 82% Leader of the Morons. 82% Not a moron. I don't have to listen to the leader of the morons while I command my own army of morons! >:D

    cxxccxxc Feb 12 '16, 9:19AM
  • Not a Moron

    I could be a "rare breed", but I have my moments.
    Pretty good quiz.

    Muricanpatriot Jan 22 '16, 6:16PM
  • excuse me!! I am not a superficial moron. maybe my brothers are but I am not, you better take that comment back! I will tell my friends!!

    alyssa menner Jun 2 '15, 6:07PM
  • I am not a moron I am the most intelligent person I know (besides Jesus Einstein Tesla etc.)

    NIghtwing21 May 15 '15, 1:25AM
  • I can't believe I got moron! I tried 3 times. Time for another quiz

    Ange Kaperonis Apr 7 '15, 4:17PM
  • Tried again got 90 percent! Mario got 30 percent and we are a couple . How does this quiz work for relationships? - Angela Kaperonis Rossi

    Ange Kaperonis Apr 7 '15, 4:14PM
  • I got 95 percent! I can't believe it! I will try again!- Angela Kaperonis

    Ange Kaperonis Apr 7 '15, 4:11PM
  • I'm not a moron? Huh. Thanks. You should tell that to my school teachers.

    BStreet Feb 10 '15, 6:53PM
  • Yay! I'm not a moron.

    Crystal Tales Nov 11 '14, 10:03PM
  • I am not a moron! Haha :3

    AngelWings32 Aug 1 '14, 12:16AM
  • The leader. All you morons bow down to me

    Naligirl Jul 11 '14, 11:15AM
  • Aha I am leader of all you morons

    Jellypenguin Jul 3 '14, 11:11PM
  • the leader
    MWA HA !!!!!!!
    GIRLZ RULE!!!!!!!!!^^

    stormfur May 28 '14, 11:42PM
  • Not a moron :). Whoa, there's a hell of a lot of caps in this quiz.

    pickles123 May 9 '14, 11:59AM
  • I guess that I only got 92% because I would try to avoid saying something that might offend, not that I would actually lie, just avoid telling the truth. My wife however is like a dog at a bone and won't let me avoid answering a question. She then gets upset when I do. :D

    Mathswizard Nov 26 '13, 5:17AM
  • Haha! I bet only the people who got Not A Moron actually commented.:-D

    Harbor Nov 23 '13, 8:59AM
  • 94% not a moron and 74% leader of them. If I led them off a cliff, would that make me a moron, or just mean?

    2Etay Sep 27 '13, 12:18AM
  • Awesome, not a moron! However, I do have one question. Why do you capitalize every single word? You're only supposed to do that for the beginning of a sentence and proper nouns.

    BowtiesAreCool Sep 18 '13, 3:04PM
  • I got Not a Moron 83% and Leader of the Morons 69% The rest were really low...good. I will rule the world with unique opinions and persuasive control! Mwahahaaaaa

    booknerd324 Aug 21 '13, 12:04PM

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