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  • "Sorry! I am creator of old world of dragons, the coronavirus has extremely limited my time here, I will keep being here."
  • World of Dragons
    "(Sorry for not being here! I have been forced to limit my screen time, so might not be on as much!) "We're almost there, but I warn you one..."
  • World of Dragons
    "(Is anyone else coming?)"
  • World of Dragons
    "Candrajua sighed and follwed Atalith (to the caves, or wherever?)"
  • World of Dragons
    ""Those who choose to mine ores now will be slayed by Neptune, the cave dragon!" Candrajua warns the other dragons,"I saw it in a prophecy l..."
  • World of Dragons
    ""Then it is decided!" Candrajua announced, "But we must find better weapons! The Nowings has killed many dragons, we shall search the caves ..."
  • World of Dragons
    ""I have called you all here because all of dragon kind is facing a new threat. We know not of their name, but many people who have seen them..."
  • Legends of Calian
    "I am back!"
  • Legends of Calian
  • World of Dragons
    "We start now! Candrajua had called a meeting of dragons, and had something very important to discuss that would effect the whole world. (The..."
  • World of Dragons
  • World of Dragons
    "Awesome dragons! Anyone else want to join!"
    "I once built hogwarts"
  • World of Dragons
    "Oh, and I might also be open on mornings 7:00-7:30"
  • The Elements Arise
    "Didn't read it!"

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