What Dragon Should You Have?

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What dragon would you get? And why? Find out by taking this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Quiz now! I hope you like the results! I worked really hard on this quiz.

Hope you liked this quiz! I worked really hard on it and the results. It was easy/hard to make and I'd love to see one of your quizzes! I will make more quizzes later!

Created by: FanWing101
  1. Pick an element:
  2. Say that you get caught by a bully in school, they threaten you. What do you do?
  3. Pretend that the bully goes away, but you soon learn that the bully brings back your friend, and their nose is bleeding (from the bully). Now what do you do?
  4. You and your friend run away. You soon find a...
  5. You walk near the (last answer). You find a dragon egg. You decide to bring it home. What do you give it as a nest? Or what item would you chose?
  6. You decide to leave the egg alone for a while. What do you do next?
  7. You decide to (last answer). But first you need hide your dragon egg in a comfy spot. You put it...
  8. You walk to (answer from two questions ago) now. You cut through the....
  9. You keep walking, but you get a flash of worry about the dragon egg. Thoughts fill through your head. You...
  10. You walk back. As you arrive to your home, you see the egg, unharmed. And a crack is in the egg! You...
  11. Last question, does reputation matter?
  12. One more actually. What will you do with this dragon egg when it hatches into a baby dragon?

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