What kind of Dragon are you ?

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What kind of dragon are you? In this quiz all will be revealed! Take this quiz and you'll become a lord of the elements! This quiz is inspired by my love for mythology and I hope you will like it to so come on and take this quiz!

Do you prefer sleeping in the ocean, forest or a volcano! Would you like to fly or have wings sharp enough to cut through diamonds! This quiz will reveal it all!

Created by: Chris

  1. Which of the following weapons do you like?
  2. Choose a word that describes you
  3. What is your favourite movie
  4. What is your favourite time of day
  5. You are a:
  6. Where do you like to live
  7. You like:
  8. If you could have any power what would it be?
  9. Favourite colour
  10. Choose an element

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Quiz topic: What kind of Dragon am I ?