Which Wings Of Fire Princess Are You?

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When you do this Quiz take your time and don't rush. try to pic what your personalities are. like this you will get your best result. Think it over before doing this quiz.

Don't just pick once try to pick again so you can make a change before its to late! Good Luck! I hope that this Quiz can make you have fun reading Wings Of Fire.

Created by: Jani Jian

  1. What is your fav color
  2. what is your fav hobby?
  3. What is a good personality of yours?
  4. What is a bad personality of yours?
  5. Who will you save first if there was a bad and horrifying earth quake?
  6. What Dragons do you like to make up?
  7. Would you rather have raw meat or cooked meat?
  8. When do you go to bed?
  9. Are you a risky or un-risky
  10. Random extra question
  11. Which is you fav book?

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Quiz topic: Which Wings Of Fire Princess am I?