Wings of Fire Love Story Part One

This is a Wings Of Fire quiz! Part One will tell you which one you are, Part Two will tell you which one you love, and Part Three will tell you who you marry

and the rest of your life. Happy dragonets! Yay! Hopefully you like your results, whether you get Princess Ember or Mako! Or even Penguin or Pride! Have a fun quiz!

Created by: HollyKatGlory

  1. Hey there! Before we start the roleplay, pick a pair of words:
  2. Alright let’s start! You are a young dragonet. This part one of the story will tell you which dragonet you are. You walk onto a cliff with four paths. One is a river, one is trees, one is snow, and one is dragons flying.
  3. You decide not to and walk back. You see a nightwing hurt and bleeding and you
  4. You finish whatever you were doing and he says Thank you, my name is Starteller what’s yours?
  5. Wow. What a pretty name...he says.
  6. He runs away. You come upon a sand wing with his barbed tail stuck in a bush. You:
  7. He smiles. Hey, meet me on Quick Vine Cliffs tonight, my names is Mosquito. He says. You then notice that he is a MudWing SandWing Hybrid, and you
  8. You realize that you had promised another dragon, a NightWing MudWing named Fearless, that you would meet him that night. So you decline Mosquito’s offer, and that night, when you are with Fearless, you
  9. Coming home, you meet a RainWing called Marvel. You think:
  10. Let Fate Decide
  11. And lastly, who’s your favorite?

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