Part 2 of the Wings of fire Love roleplay!

Hello! Aurora here! This is Part 2!! If you haven't done part 1 make sure to check that out too! search : Part 1 of the Wings of fire Love roleplay! I tried my quiz and got... I'll tell you that after you finish the quiz! Part 2 is mostly about you and DarkProwler..

In the comments plzz tell me who you get! There will be a lot of action in Part 2(this one). Part one also had some action but that happened in Jade mountain.. this will be happening in a secret location! hop you enjoy..!

Created by: Aurora Ice/RainWing
  1. You wake up in the air. Your whole body is tied up with a muzzle on your snout. you look up and see DarkProwler and five other NightWings flying you to.. somewhere. what do you do??
  2. (if you chose something like try to go free) DarkProwler growls and slashes your left arm. At first you feel so much pain.. but then you can't feel it anymore...
  3. (If you chose stay still) The NightWIngs keep flying towards a black island. They catch the wind and slowly land. They throw you into a tunnel. what do you do?
  4. Suddenly you hear Wing beats. You look up and see about 30 SkyWings hovering in the air with Ibis in the lead. They roar and swoop down towards the NightWings and attack. you are now untied. who do you help?
  5. After that you start to fly towards Jade Mountain which you see in the distance but A blur crashes into you.
  6. DarkProwler grabs your neck and pulls you into a small cave.
  7. DarkProwler pins you down. He asks "Do you?"
  8. You KNow! he says "do-- you like-- like m- mm-"
  9. His grip on your neck gets tighter and tighter. "gasp* choke**" you gasp.
  10. "Ahh" you say "do I like you?" you say with a sarcastic smile. He claws your snout and you ".."
  11. You stare into his deep dark purple eyes and think..
  12. He dragged you in deeper into the cave where you could barely even see him anymore. The last thing you saw and heard was him holding you up in his talons and him whispering "I-I love you" and then everything went black.
  13. Well? did ya like it? You didn't really get to choose who ou like cuz mostly it was just u and DarkProwler.. lolz

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