What fantasy animal are you?

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Hello thank you for clicking on my quiz I have been depressed lately but enough about me! Time for the fun quiz! hope you have fun doing it! ow my ankle. sorry someone stepped on my ankle that I sprained.

Please give me a smile I haven't been feeling so good lately because my cat ran away so the cats buddy who is also a cat is depressed too😭 anyways, have fun with the quiz *sniffle*

Created by: Raven

  1. First off are you a cat lover or dog lover?
  2. Okay, next how would you like to spend the day?
  3. pick your favorite color
  4. Do you like to go outside?
  5. If you would have a superpower what would it be?
  6. Are you a party person?
  7. If you found a homeless kitten, would you keep it?
  8. A homeless dog?
  9. If you saw some ducks crossing the road what would you do?
  10. Are you considered popular at your school?

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Quiz topic: What fantasy animal am I?