Whats your spirit animal?

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Ever wanted to know your spirit animal? You will once you take this quiz! There are 10 different possibilities just do what you think... 🦊 🐺 🐈 🦁 πŸ†

Here are some songs for when your bordThe Nyan Cat Song, The coconut sog, The water cycle song and shudup in ya face! I hope you enjoy them and this quiz!

Created by: Mya
  1. At a part you are...
  2. On a Sunday were would you be?
  3. What's your fave animal?
  4. Outside or inside?
  5. Fight or Flight?
  6. Pick a natural weapon!
  7. Roblox or Minecraft?
  8. Pick a name! This doesn't effect your awnser😊
  9. Press an okay/ok!
  10. Did you enjoi this?

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Quiz topic: Whats my spirit animal?