Are you Gray Wing or Clear Sky?

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This quiz will tell you the answer to probably the greatest question ever, are you Gray Wing or Clear Sky? If you don't like this question, you can go dance on rainbows with Harry Potter, now take this quiz!

You still reading, oh good. Those of you who went, TOO BAD! YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME! Okay, are you ready to take the quiz of a lifetime!

Created by: Nightfa11

  1. First question, pretend you are one of the cats traveling from the mountains, Gray Wing and Jagged Peak haven't joined yet. Clear sky and Bright stream sit close together. You then walk over to the log you are sleeping for the night.
  2. You see Jackdaw's cry sitting all alone by himself.You walk up to him, what do you say?
  3. Lets skip farther into the story, everyone is at Gray Wing's camp, Clear Sky hasn't left yet. It is a regular day until the camp starts to argue, you run in and see the Clear Sky arguing with Tall Shadow about going to the forest.
  4. Clear Sky ends up going to the forest, he is gathering the group, and then sees you, "______ I always thought you preferred the forest, will you join us?" he asks you.
  5. Whether you are in the forest, or in the plains, just imagine your setting, a orange kit with white paws enters camp, you see Gray Wing talk to Clear Sky/Tall Shadow and they ask you what you think they should do with him.
  6. Lets skip more, you have been invited by Clear Sky\Gray Wing to go to the meeting of hopefully peace, when you arrive, Clear Sky\ Gray wing thinks the other might attack and asks you what to do.
  7. The great battle has started, you attack some cats, but at one point, a skillful cat from the other side attacks you, at one point you are able to kill him, and if you don't he might kill you first.
  8. The great battle is over, but you need to rest, your body is covered in scratches, what is your self confidence to keep walking?
  9. this quiz must be stressful! Sorry I'm putting you in the middle of all the drama, but I think you've had enough. I'll give a easier question after this,
  10. Now the final question, when you were reading Dawn of the Clans, who were you cheering for?

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