Warrior cat love story part 1 [she-cats only]

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Hey guys! Maple’Wing here! Sorry I used your crush’s warrior names for the results sorry! Anyway hope you enjoy my first quiz now Maple’Wing is out!!! ;)

Okay you will play as my OC Maple’Paw/Wing you have four choices Wind sharp tongue that one (in part two he will have one he’s not mentioned that much here) anyway there’s also DuskFoot ReedPaw/Pelt SilverPaw/Wing forbid love there :3. Hope you like my quiz have fun Maple out.

Created by: MapleWing

  1. You have been just named an apprentice Maple’Paw you are a pretty tortoiseshell with dark green eyes. You are made an apprentice with ReedPaw and SilverPaw who has chosen the path of a medicine cat. DuskFoot is already a warrior and he asks you to come hunting (your mentor said you can) What do you do?
  2. If you picked go hunting alone this questions for you if you didn’t say it. Anyway you brush past the undergrowth as you head to the rogue border you here rustling in the air and take in a sent kind of like MountainClan but different (Btw you are in StarClan most like ThunderClan) suddenly a black and white figure jumps out of the bush landing squarely on a mouse you had your eyes on. What do you do?
  3. If you picked to go hunting with ReedPaw this questions for you if not say so. When you get over to ReedPaw he’s flirting with Star’Paw an older apprentice with ginger pelt gleams next hers as he presses it to hers. He finally notices you and your hurt expression he tells StarPaw something and runs over to you. “That was nothing we were just talking about hunting and.....” He trails off as he sees that you don’t care and still love him, he purrs and twines his tail with yours.How do you react?
  4. If you picked hunt with DuskFoot this question is for you. You two walk out of camp his tail rested on your flank. You sniff the air and crouch down when you get to a tiny clearing by a mouse hole. You here scuttling and pounce on two mice surprisingly close together. You walk back to DuskFoot with your catch he has caught one starling, a crow and a rabbit. “Wow MaplePaw thats quiet a haul!” He purrs admiring your catch. What do you do?
  5. If you chose sorting with SilverPaw this question in for you. You walk over to his den where he’s hard at work sorting out a big pile of herbs. You pad up to him and tap him on the head he jolts up! At first he looks mad before he realizes that it’s you and purrs. “Hi MaplePaw”, He purrs and gestures you to sit down beside him his silky gray white fur shinning.You sit down he looks over at you his icy blue eyes glistening then jams his muzzle into yours nuzzling you.What do you do?
  6. You go on patrol with StarPaw and ReedPaw. ReedPaw try’s to get alone time with you but StarPaw always manages to ruin it. Finally you two sneak off to a tree where you cramp your selves inside a hole. He presses his muzzle to yours and purrs. “Will you be my mate?” What do you say?
  7. If you walked away from ReedPaw don’t answer the question. “Lets keep this a secret”, You whisper to ReedPaw. He nods just then you here a snarl! Then a huge black foot and a red muzzle! “FOX,” ReedPaw yowls jumps out of the hole followed by you. The fox lands squarely on your foot it grabs it then twists it. You yowl in pain as the searing pain in your foot slowly goes numb and everything goes black.
  8. If you didn’t stay take this question. You walk away towards the rogue border. You see a black and white figure staring at you he walks closer eyeing you like prey. “I’m MaplePaw.....” you meow awkwardly he seems to snap into focus “Sorry”, He responds standing taller “I Wind”, He purrs and try’s to nuzzle you.What do you do?
  9. And then.....

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