Warrior cats love story part 1

Hello! This is my first quiz. By the way, have you ever had three males mooning over you? Probably no, but now you can! But in warrior cat version....

Hope you like my quiz! Let's get started, by the way, I have went through a lot of warrior cat love stories and there's usually a medicine cat a one of the toms. Well, not in my quiz!

Created by: Clearsight
  1. When you wake up, you pad out into the clearing. "Hey Wishbreeze! Wanna share prey with me? At the voice you whip around to see Blizzardpelt behind you, looking embarrassed. "Sure," you reply and follow him to the fresh-kill pile. What is going on in your head right now?
  2. As you settle down, you notice Pigeonfire, the deputy staring at you. Turning your head, you bend down to take a bite from the mouse Blizzardpelt was sharing with you. "Umm... so do yo-" Blizzardpelt was interrupted by Flaketail, who was hovering with a bunch of she-cats nearby " Who needs other toms? I'm all you need to be safe." And he swept his tail around the she-cats surrounding him. Blizzardpelt bristled, but you didn't notice. You were too busy thinking:
  3. *Timeskip to next morning*You are sitting beneath Tallstones, as Pigeonfire was organizing patrols "I'll lead a hunting patrol, I want Flaketail, Blizzardpelt, Lavendercloud and Wishbreeze to come with me."
  4. As your patrol walked out of the camp, Pigeonfire started giving out orders, "Wishbreeze, Flaketail and Lavendercloud hunt near the marshland" right away, Flaketail pounced on a huge rabbit and brought it down swiftly. "Great catch," you meow to him. "Thanks want to share it?" he asks
  5. Before you could answer, Lavendercloud snatched the rabbit up. "Hey I caught that fair and square you-" before Flaketail could finish, Lavendercloud cut him off. "Let's catch enough prey for the Clan first," she meowed evenly
  6. Flaketail slowly walked back into the direction of the camp, his tail drooping. You caught up to him. What do you say?
  7. Whatever you said he bends forward to give your ear a friendly lick "It's fine Wishbreeze"
  8. Just then, you heard a yowl. Oh no! It sounded like Lavendercloud. "What was that?" you asked Flaketail. He looked worried " I don't know" he murmured. "We better go find out" you were already bounding to where the yowl came....
  9. Now guess what's happening...
  10. Yup! That's right! Cliffhanger!
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