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  • "Gassiest (fartiest) countries in order: #1: Russia ... #4: United States (?!) ... #27: Italy T"
  • Hey
  • 2 things:
    "join me on frenshome?"
  • Welcome to my garden
  • Look at this- XD!
  • Welcome to my garden
    "yeah kinda, like aliens at first EEEEEEEEE DUCKLINGS!!!"
  • 2 things:
    "and that's okay"
  • 2 things:
    "You sure? I don't wanna upset anyone"
  • Look at this- XD!
    "My dad loves 50s singer/pianist Little Richard (if you haven't seen him look him up, he sung Tutti Frutti) and he jokes they used to live..."
  • Welcome to my garden
    "look up baby crocs! aww..."
  • 2 things:
    "Who did I remind you of? Sorry if I upset you "
  • 2 things:
    "What about? If you don't want to stay on that's fine but I just wondered why."
  • 2 things:
    "My sisters new website, I'll link later. June roses and Cats17, why haven't you returned to Frenshome?"
  • The Rose Garden
    "couldve been a mouse couldve been rain?"
  • Welcome to my garden
    "htt ps://frensh ome.crea teafor um.com/ind ex.ph p"

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