Day to day life as a child

Your going to have a great day so long as you don't earn yourself a spanking wich I promise you is unlikely will not hesitate to give you a well deserved spanking though

As I've said when you earn yourself a well deserved spanking you will be very careful about sitting your bottom down for a while so be good for your bottoms sake

Created by: Will

  1. You woke up and you have school soon
  2. How will you get to school
  3. At school you relise you had a project to do but you forgot what will you do
  4. You see your school bully in the hall what do you do
  5. You don't have money for lunch what now
  6. Your mom was nealy an hour late to pick you up from school
  7. It turns out we need to go to shopping sorry I can't drop you off sweetheart
  8. Your favorite candy is back in stock but your mom won't buy it
  9. Mom told you to keep your her spot in line(wich you have been in for a half hour) while she grabs something she forgot but you need to use the bathroom badly
  10. It's time to go home do you think you'll need punishment when we get home
  11. How old are you again
  12. Before we go home I'm going to check your undies so lift up your skirt/dress ans/or pull your pants down what do I see
  13. Also what was your grade in school

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