What kind of smarts do you have?

This quiz is a quiz that will determine your level of intelligence. Don't worry if some of the questions make no sense, because if they don't, youre a moron. so dont sweat it. take your time.

are you a genius? do you have the brainpower to take over the world? or are you a retard, incapable of swalling his own spit? LETS FIND OUT! TO THE QUIZ!(all judgements made in this quiz are real and will affect your life)

Created by: Collin

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  1. What is the 147th digit of pi?
  2. Where does the general keep his armies?
  3. Why is this quiz so hard?
  4. divide: 789,000/57
  5. What do you get when you toss a grenade in a french bathroom?
  6. Complete this sentence: The fox was really_ smart
  7. Why did the man in mexico push is wife of the cliff?
  8. Last question:How many protons does the element hydrogen have?
  9. Why wasn't that the last question?
  10. Is this the last question?

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Quiz topic: What kind of smarts do I have?