Are you a geneous?

The genius quiz is a... What you say you don't know what one is? Well a genius quiz is were you find out if your brain has the smarts in it to give you the title of the World genius! Do you want that title? Well I've always dreamed of it! Now you might live that dream! Just think world genius!! ^^

Many people have extrodaniry brains! Are you one of them? Are you tierd of going to school wondering weather you are a genius or not? Well now you will find out! Do you have the smarts? Do you know the awnsers to the world? Now you can go to school and show your stuff! (well only if you have it!)

Created by: Natasha

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  1. How many moons does Jupiter have?
  2. In what year did Canada become a Country?
  3. What did Thomas Edison invent?
  4. What is the awsnser to the following equation? 1,000,000 x 1
  5. What country is Rome in?
  6. In what year did the valcanoe Vesuvius kill 3,000,000 people?
  7. Who one Canadian Idol the first season?
  8. What is the name of this animal? It looks like a dog but has stripes like a tiger and a kangaroo's pouch.
  9. What does RATS spell backwards?
  10. What color eyes dose a kitten have when its still only a month old?

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Quiz topic: Am I a geneous?