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  • "Please don't lock this thread, I'm sure I'll write something someday."
  • "I have literally no Idea what I'll post here, back when I did this more often I would always have several threads to jump between...which al..."
  • My New Thread
    "Hey Jinxy, kind of weird calling you that with your new profile and everything but anyway I've been always terrible at managing stuff and no..."
  • It's been a long time
    "Anyway, I would really appreciate it if you would write below if you wanted participate in this little thing I'm doing"
  • It's been a long time
    "also sorry for dragging out the things I want to say, never getting to the point is a thing I do when I'm excited/nervous"
  • It's been a long time
    "So honestly I have no f'ing clue how I'm going to do that (considering I can hardly get on my computer now a days and I'm terrible at resolu..."
  • It's been a long time
    "secondly I realised that there are some things I would love to do with some of the people here that I won't be able to do with the people I ..."
  • It's been a long time
    "first things first, anyone who wants to contact me probably already has it but if you don't here is my email address captainxavierxantos @ g..."
  • It's been a long time
    "So, I know that I'll probably be gone by the time anyone replies to me so, I'll just write down some of the questions I wanted to ask and so..."
  • It's been a long time
    "I know I usually don't get to reply to you people but I hope one day I can, it's really annoying to since I actually want to talk to you peo..."
  • It's been a long time
  • It's been a long time
    "I really don't have a lot of time in my hands so I'm really sorry if I leave you hanging"
  • It's been a long time
    "Sorry for dissappearing, I had to make a phone call and sadly I have to leave for now. I'll be back around 17 hours later."
  • It's been a long time
    "0_0 Hello old friend, been long Hasn't it?"
  • It's been a long time

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