Are you fit to be a neko?

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Nekos are amazing creatures, If you don't know what they are, let's just say they are part human, part cat! You can live freely underground with fellow nekos.

If you pass their fighting test, you will be able to get a job. You can torture people, go above ground and kill FBI agents, or have sex and make kittens for the rest of your life as a mater! (not recommended)

Created by: Steampunk Neko

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  1. OK, so you were wandering in the woods when you come upon a weird hole, out of curiosity, you climb in and find your self in a weird underground city. A big, buff neko walks up to you, "Welcome, I am Bluff. You look to be older then 18, so, you will have to take a test. If you pass, you will become one of us, if you fail, you will be tortured by one of our doctours."
  2. "I will assign you a sniper for you to fight, remember, your destiny is your option!" Bluff backs away and as he did, you see a fairly attractive neko. "Hello, my name is Caipe. I will be your opponent."
  3. Caipe walks up to you and throws a punch at your jaw. You back away with blood dripping from your mouth "wow, he is strong" you think, then you throw a punch. and he dodges. You get angry and throw another, soon you hit him and feel a sense of pride.
  4. As you were cheering, Caipe comes up from behind and sweeps you off your feet. You fall and hit your nose, and now your face is covered in blood.
  5. ok, my brain is dead so RP over! You can choose who wins but the rest is just random questions! OK, what job do you want?
  6. would you enjoy living underground?
  7. ok, let my OC's ask the questions now. Oh Vnyl come here! "what do you want?" ask this lovely person a question! "OK, ummm, if you were a torturer, can I be you sniper :D"
  8. Caipe! "OK, so, what did you think of the fight? I think you were good!"
  9. Nixt! "yes?" ask them a question. "OKIE! do you like cats?!"
  10. ok, please comment, and like! See you later!

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Quiz topic: Am I fit to be a neko?