How much do you know about warrior cats?

There is a lot of people who know a lot about the best-selling series: warrior cats. Have you ever wanted to see how much you know about them with some of my challanging questions? Well, this quiz is for you!

There is a lot of people that know a lot about warrior cats, so take this quiz to see if you are a true warrior cat fan! My personal favorite is SpottedLeaf.

Created by: Lilly Cupcakes
  1. Scourage was/is the leader of...
  2. When a deputy becomes leader, their name ends in _____. When a kit becomes an apprentice, their name ends in ____.
  3. what clan is the warrior series MOSTLY about?
  4. A medicine cat can not...
  5. in the series "power of three", what are the names of the 3 cats with special powers?
  6. what are the leaders names of the old AND new skyclan?
  7. What is hollyleafs' power?
  8. What was firestars' name when he was a kittypet?
  9. what leader lost his/her ninth life by being killed by dogs?
  10. finish this part of the warrior code. " prey is killed only to be eaten _________________________.
  11. what type of cat was bluestar?
  12. which of these cats was a medicine cat?
  13. who is dovewings' sister and/or brother?
  14. what color is hollyleafs' fur?
  15. last question: what prey is windclan known for being best at catching?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about warrior cats?