Easiest quiz ever

Dear, this is a simple quiz which does NOT say that you must get 100, but is most liekly. Unless you like popcorn too much, that is. I daresay that you would find quite a few interesting stuff in this quiz, and it might make you laugh. Go for it and try.

Ready now, to take this once-in-a-lifetime journey with yours truly on planet Quizton? We'll have tons of fun, I believe, and maybe even some popcorn, if I didn't eat them all. Never mind, there are bananas for you to munch on as well. Take care on the planet Quizton!

Created by: LaughMachine of Warriors RP
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  1. My keyboard is awesome. True or false?
  2. Do you think you'll get 100%?
  3. Do you like chocolate cake?
  4. What is (put anything here) made of?
  5. Pick a random thing--
  6. Are you bored?
  7. Have you read Warriors? Or Seekers or Survivors?
  8. What sickness have you got?
  9. Your favourite animal is_____.
  10. Am I insane?
  11. Apples on that table! Would you like some?
  12. Do you like popcorn?
  13. Last question. Please comment or rate. Oh, also. I forgot to tell you. I have no popcorn left. I ate them all!

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