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So, you clicked this, huh? You shouldn't have. I think you should leave now and take a more ledgit quiz... I REALLY do think that. I like eating stones and rocks.

So, are you brave enough to pass my butt penetrating quiz? I bet you aren't! You might be but I don't know. You should turn back before... The corruption.

Created by: Boogerdam98

  1. So you clicked me, huh?
  2. Do you like to rebel?
  3. Go back!
  4. Why did you click me anyways?
  5. Are you normal?
  6. You are wasting you're time here.
  7. Why did I make this quiz?
  8. What do you hope that happens to this quiz?
  9. What is your age?
  10. Okay, this is the last question from this useless quiz. Do you accept Olaf into your heart and let him penetrate you?

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