How Eating Disordered Are You?

As you know, eating disorders are serious illnesses which can affect people's lives in a variety of negative ways. Despite the propaganda of pro-anorexia websites, eating disorders have nothing to do with glamour or beauty, and everything to with pain and suffering. Sometimes, it is difficult to know for sure whether the way we eat and view our bodies is normal, or disordered.

Are you wondering about your health? Want to know whether your habits or normal or disordered? Confused about your own experiences? Then take this quiz!!!!

Created by: lupin13
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  1. What is your current weight?
  2. What is your ideal weight?
  3. How many calories do you typically eat in an average day? (If you're not sure, add up the calories eaten in a week and divide by 7)
  4. Have you ever fasted? If so, what was your longest successful fast?
  5. How much weight have you lost since your highest recent weight?
  6. What do others say about your body?
  7. Choose which menu reflects what you eat at an average meal.
  8. Do you ever binge/purge? If so, how often?
  9. Do you ever lie or avoid other people in order to skip meals without getting caught?
  10. Have you ever taken over-the-counter medicine to reduce your appetite or cravings, or to burn fat/raise metabolism?
  11. Have you ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder?
  12. Have you ever participated in eating disorders therapy or recovery?
  13. Do YOU consider yourself eating disordered?

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Quiz topic: How Eating Disordered am I?