Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament

Harry Potter Twiwizard Trivia consists of three tasks. This quiz is task one, the Wall and Dementor task. It is a test on your knowledge of spells so you might want some practice. It is done on the form of roleplay, and the questions answers tell you where to go if you pressed the answer.

Do not cheat. Please. Only answer the questions you have been told to answer and none others. The questions are hopefully in order, and PLEASE READ: comment if there were bugs and errors... I am blabbing away because I dunno what to say har.

Created by: LaughMachine

  1. You have been chosen to join the Triwizard Tournament. Ready?
  2. Good. You step in to the contest grounds with your opponents, with only your wand beside you. Begin!
  3. You did not succeed. Try again! Go to the last question.
  4. Your first challenge is to blast a wall and attack a dementor behind it. How?
  5. What spells do you use?
  6. Nothing happens. It did not work!!
  7. The wall blasts to peices, but the dementor did not go. You mistaked!
  8. Yes! You did it! The wall blasts and the dementor has gone.
  9. Task one is finished. Comment, rate and look for task two.

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