Huffletines Challenge Task 2

Hello participants, and welcome to the Huffletines Challenge Task #2. As you may know, this task is a Harry Potter Trivia Challenge. The winner of the Huffletines Challenge MUST know much about Harry Potter to be named the best.

So in this challenge, you must answer the trivia questions provided to get the highest score you can. The one with the highest first-time score will win the challenge. Do you have what it takes? Let's see.

Created by: Huffletine Cupid
  1. Which of these is a Quidditch organization?
  2. Which floor is the Transfiguration classroom located on?
  3. Which of these is NOT an organization?
  4. Which of these ingredients is used to make a shrinking solution?
  5. Where does the Boomslang originate from?
  6. Who was the first Ministry of Magic Obliviator?
  7. When was the Chamber of Secrets created?
  8. In what year was Puddlemere United formed?
  9. How many course aims did Umbridge have?
  10. The Cleansweep One was designed specifically for traveling use.
  11. Which quidditch fowl is described as "Two chasers ram the keeper aside while the other scores"?
  12. What is the charm to cover up tracks left by someone?
  13. What job did J.K.R's husband have?
  14. Who said this quote: "Do us a favour Perce," said ____ yawning, "and shut up."
  15. Which one of these is NOT a book mentioned somewhere in the Harry Potter series?

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