How Compliant Are You (JC)?

There are many healthcare staffing agencies out there, but only the few can truly hold the title of JC certified. Are you ready to take the challenge?

Do you have what it takes to pass an onsite survey? Do you have the quality that will take this company to the next level? If so, take the challenge and see where you stand in the world we call COMPLIANCE.

Created by: Dan Gutierrez

  1. (AM) How do you participate in designing, implementing, and evaluating services?
  2. How do you address complaints?
  3. How do you ensure worker safety?
  4. Who decides when to activate the emergency plan?
  5. How do you decide who is qualified to work at a certian facility?
  6. How often do you check an employee's license after they have been hired?
  7. How do you evaluate staff performance?
  8. How do you evaluate staff performance?
  9. How long do you have to complete an Incident Report?
  10. How do you maintain confidentiality in the office?

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Quiz topic: How Compliant am I (JC)?