Compliance Quiz

Welcome to the SVAI UK Compliance quiz. Created by the Compliance Team, ensuring that you remain compliant whenever and wherever you may be. We may not be big brother but we have our ways.

Many people think they know the in's and out's of Compliance but can they prove it. Now's your chance with the our Compliance quiz, specially designed to challenge your principles to the deepest, darkest corners.

Created by: Siemens VAI
  1. Who is the SVAI UK Compliance Officer?
  2. Which of those below can't we bribe?
  3. You attend a meeting with 4 clients (non gov't) and afterwards they invites you to an exclusive nightclub. One of the clients orders drinks on your behalf and leaves you with a GBP 2500 bill. What should you do?
  4. You agree, on behalf of SVAI, to pledge GBP 250 to sponsor a village duck race which will help raise money for a local school. Who should you obtain prior authorisation from?
  5. The President of Dragon Steel welcomes you to his company with a golden dragon statue. You don't know it's value but it looks expensive. What should you do?
  6. Where should you first look to obtain a copy of the SVAI UK Gifts and Hospitality Policy?
  7. From when does the Anti-Corruption policy apply?
  8. What is the email address of the SVAI UK Compliance Team?
  9. If you have a question regarding Compliance for which you would like a detailed response to, who should you contact?
  10. The Compliance Helpdesk "Tell Us" allows customers, partners, shareholders and employees to inform Siemens of any corrupt practices within its businesses. When are it's operating hours?

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