Compliance Ready!

are YOU JC COMPLIANT? Do you have what it takes? We should hope so! Let's find out... (this section has to be longer because they wouldn't let me move on without having at least 100 characters)

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Created by: maxim
  1. What are our two different types of Peformance Measurement?
  2. Quarterly data is on the compliance resource center. This data consists of the following:
  3. How are client and employee satisfaction surveys used to improve quality?
  4. The quarterly data is reviewed corporate wide and also broken down into the districts in order to review trends. This is done by the NDOCs and RDOCS to review for trends. When an area falls below the stated threshold, a PI tracer is completed by the NDOCS/RDOCS. The PURPOSE of the tracer is to:
  5. PI tracer steps are:
  6. What are incident reports?
  7. Branch office reviews, or "audits" are done how many times by the RCC?
  8. How do you know if improvements have been made?
  9. What kind of information is kept in the on-call log?
  10. How are staff educated (internal and external) regarding the emergency plan?
  11. How do you educate staff on cultural diversity and sensitivity?
  12. Who is the governing board of Maxim Staffing?
  13. If the Joint Commission Reviewer comes in, what is the first thing you should do?
  14. Before you leave the office, you should...

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